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is one type of locks; its function is to satisfy tightening secuity requirements, providing resisitant to physical attacks.

gun lock

is a device which is intended to prevent a weapon from discharging.

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allows you to protect your computer or laptop with an additional security options.
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China science and technology network five jincheng broaden sales channel

      Spring back to jincheng fresh, away from the fruitful clean, making the sale of science and technology of China of the door in the Spring Festival unlimited business opportunities of the dragon. For now, traders are busy redesign shop, actively adjust the sales channels.

      The reporter understands, some of the businesses at yanbu section this year on the network will hope to market. Hardware vendors Mr. Chen said, as in a five jincheng business qualifications relatively shallow hardware vendors, and some senior level compared to manage door, no matter in the source or sources are a bit of a shortage. For future development, he has a clear goal. "The shop to upgrade and implementation of brand strategy conditions are not mature. Only expand the sales channel, running the shop for future sales growth, to lay a solid foundation of the transformation and upgrade of."

      The rapid development of electronic commerce, and has a market radiation noodles wide, less cost advantages, the most suitable for the development of early like Mr. Chen manage door. And "China hardware mall" rely on hardware city games, pad lock according to the characteristics of a bright business, let him good development prospect in the future with confidence.

      With the coming of the global information age, the development of the electronic commerce environment is improving, and many of the enterprise and individual invest to give in to the team, the electronic commerce system is perfect. The constant development and expansion of the network, but also promoted the development of the physical market. For entities in the market, the electronic commerce to broaden the sales channels. gun lock Merchants, the enterprise through the electronic commercial platform can develop more goods exhibition and trade function, make enterprise innovative products. Through the electronic commercial platform also can build a good communication environment, and to promote the enterprise service level.

      In the deployment of New Year work on, China science and technology five jincheng group the President and general manager hole reflect pointed out, to improve the physical market, to broaden the online market. It is reported, since 2010, the group company into a large sum of money used to support allowance manage door in "China hardware mall" online open store, and orderly manner of electronic commerce publicity work and carry out the launch. Last year and saw the introduction of famous brand, cable lock on the web site opened "saw famous brand flagship store".

      Officials say, the purpose is to promote work online market construction. Encourage businesses using the platform of the online market, break the existing commercial mode, actively in the online market looking for bigger and more wide development space. Both the entity shop to continue, and growing online stores, achieve tangible and intangible market market linkage development, keeping abreast.








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