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Enoch bully: China hardware industry glory

      's bully, as has nearly 70 years of history of the world's leading torque tool manufacturers, entered in China in 2006, established the's precision machinery (Shanghai) Co., LTD.; And the company's chairman CengHong refining is the world's six directors, the only Chinese faces.

      The sermon's hardware market

      "At the moment we in the Chinese market is not the main purpose of profit, but to training the consumer." It is reported, the promise in China when the fledglings, according to China's national conditions and hardware and the present situation of the market, CengHong tried their strategic objectives to the board of directors of the headquarters for so report.

      It is followed such a consistent with China's national conditions strategic road map, the promise the precision machinery (Shanghai) Co., LTD. pad lock Not only quickly obtained the field highly recognized, and quickly opened and occupy the torque industry high-end market, has become the torque tool industry leader and innovator.

      CengHong tried but also because of the outstanding leadership the award-winning "China hardware hero", "China hardware mechanical and electrical industry top ten most influential people", "China hardware industry pioneer 10 character", "China economic outstanding man".............

      Say to the award, the reporter had to mention earlier this year was held in the great hall of the people of the "China economic outstanding character" awards site. When the media CengHong tried that is only one get "China economic outstanding character" of the hardware industry personage, asked his winning feeling, CengHong tried not change before modesty is ecru, said: "this is we all the people's honor, also is our Chinese hardware industry glory!"

      Have many aura of the body CengHong refined nature caused our reporter attention. This October, at the seventh hardware and fair for group reception center of qingbaijiang project, our reporter approached CengHong tried the chairman, the face-to-face interviews. A few words down, a wise and gentle hardware industry elite will present in our reporter before.

      CengHong tried thinking is front, open, talked about the product's bully, he was confident enough to tell reporters: "we's the (Shanghai) company product is rich vitality of torque, in order to make the products available can tell you a it is" Enoch bully ", each piece of our products, the serial number with serial number is its unique "id"."

      In CengHong tried to further conversation, the reporter understands, although the north from Britain, but to blend in Chinese culture as its own duty, it makes the Chinese hardware market and counterparts to feel close and good will. He told reporters: "just come to China, we will spend a lot of time to train distributors, and then spent a lot of time training end customers. For the customer to buy our products, we think it is not important, the important thing is to let our theory and knowledge blossom everywhere."

      And for training will cost of energy and investment, but he doesn't mind. "we do the standard, the standard as the traffic rules. If not, you will get the cognitive think that as long as no car come over, face red also can cross the road, of course, this is wrong." CengHong tried stressed. "the standard is the worldwide torque standard, you must go to follow it. We Chinese in this understanding a little a bit slow, but I think our progress is very quick. North bully can understand it and Chinese cultural differences, so we spent a lot of cost and energy to do training."

      Listen to the introduction of the chairman of the board had a, the reporter realized that, today's bully is able to in a short 5 years time smile the ao river's lake, gun lock with the willing to do this a Chinese hardware and market preachers relevant, willing to do a low-key but not mask the first-class quality world torque tool manufacturers relevant.

      Fine "art" to ask "into"

      November 15,, in CengHong tried the chairman's invitation to visit our reporter's bully (Shanghai) company's laboratory.

      After two way exit, the reporter walks into the north bully (Shanghai) company laboratory. In the eyes of the present reporter, is an area of hundreds of square meters of spacious hall, the hall appear particularly quiet, neat, the hall in an orderly place different high-end hardware instruments.

      In order to let reporters full understanding of each instrument different performance and effect, the director of the laboratory of ZhangLiMing classify ground, detailed demonstration up each instrument function and role. In his demonstration, YiTaiTai seem cold, cabinet even part is "weak" instruments moment fresh clever rise, they use their wonderful language to deliver our tremendous energy and explosive, delivering a tension and vitality......

      See all curious glance, CengHong tried explained, the promise the (Shanghai) company laboratory is in the world's established the fifth laboratory, it completely according to the British have been called to set up, have the world's most sophisticated torque technology, can detect the torque range from 0.05 N.m has been to 6800 n. m, and in calibration is as high as 100000 N.m; At the same time, the world's first have also authorized the authentication of torque UKAS laboratory.

      "The north to set up the industry standard, through the popular education standardize market, and adhere to the equality and respect, cable lock the spirit of the share of Chinese practice of hardware mechanical and electrical industry upgrade responsibility and carry file ideal." According to understand, in the Chinese market, and this is the most often CengHong tried words.

      About the next step planning, CengHong tried full of confidence, he described to the reporter's bully (Shanghai) company a vision, "the next five years, we in the Chinese market to introduce products except assembly and torque of China brand OEM outside, still have a talent cultivation plan, including technology and research and development personnel training. In 2010, the promise the (Shanghai) company has put serious money bought with the British (company) the same software and equipment, from the start, and strive to stage the can and the international community. In addition, we must further strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, especially must strengthen the construction of human culture, will the (Shanghai) company's enterprise culture of making a unique" individual character name card "!"

      Look, the promise the since entering China, it has always been to his strict standards and skill of the standard in the industry already do and say, with unique British gentleman to influence and leading the industry, to build a more harmonious together, codes, standards, healthy hardware mechanical and electrical industry do the ongoing efforts and contributions.







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