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Pad lock

is one type of locks; its function is to satisfy tightening secuity requirements, providing resisitant to physical attacks.

gun lock

is a device which is intended to prevent a weapon from discharging.

Cable lock

allows you to protect your computer or laptop with an additional security options.
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Hardware locks independence is enhanced

        As a large consumer market, hardware locks in recent years has been praised by the industry attention. Especially in recent ten years of real estate industry and promote national economic strength of the overall enhancement, pad lock household building materials industry began to flourish, to a record high ground. In this "prosperity" under the background of the market, not only promotes the hardware locks industry prosperity, but also push up the hardware locks brand strength and market concept. This appearance in a way to the industry seems to take strong competition influence, but it is more important to the industry brought about a new market positioning and industry upgrade.

        Ten years ago, decorate a house and damage to fill the lock is still in no time concept, more without the brand awareness. At that time the most outstanding is bond pie hardware a little influence, give people impressed, but bond pie leading and led did not cause the attention of industry and market, has been still appear "pale". But nearly five years hardware locks market began to appear the great change, this is in the real estate industry and market the manager's impulses formed under the overall market climate, hardware locks starting the real industry into revolution.

        Ten years ago, the lock is hard to find single independent locks shop or brand shop. That time is basically in the hardware store locks belong to hundreds of products in a member, no special obvious locks zone. Now is to jump out of the hardware locks still do store, on the market at present the above phenomenon still occupied more than 98%. gun lock In recent years, with hardware locks market conceptualization and the brand is more and more strong, hardware locks began to unprecedented industry symbolic, brand shop and stores even hardware locks stores also gradually emerged, and increasing year by year.

        The hardware locks brand age were compared in big cities, at least to a few years later. Three years ago in addition to bond pie hardware an independent store outside, not any other independent shop. Beginning in 2009, which started in tyrone, and in the supermarket form the inn in inn, in a separate area as a special administrative area, and the formation brand type style of independent brand shop, opens the meizhou hardware locks historic corner. Subsequently, China's a brand graceful hardware also began in, and exclusive store form in the market. Then again, the house locks, gold atoms point, Ann locks, cable lock king Arthur and so on brand monopoly form of appear and give hardware locks market has brought an unprecedented industry thriving force and momentum of development. And hardware locks hard advertising also begins to appear in the city in the picture, the industry to inject fresh vitality and brand glamour. Especially domestic outfit era rational consumption today, the owner also began to have many choices grade locks, think it with their own identity or the class of the building structure form the corresponding, hardware locks which pulled open a real locks the consumer age and brand concept era. I believe that in the near future, locks will be more from hardware industry, "themselves the masters and set up other portal" age will be more powerful. Because the market of the industry development and the decision to trend, the brand of the industry to market environment and positioning, leading thought always inseparable from brand 2 words, only brand era can be market is going to affect industry.







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