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Pad lock

is one type of locks; its function is to satisfy tightening secuity requirements, providing resisitant to physical attacks.

gun lock

is a device which is intended to prevent a weapon from discharging.

Cable lock

allows you to protect your computer or laptop with an additional security options.
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The Spring Festival is near hardware gift heated models

      The annual New Year is coming, China science and technology hardware city of all kinds of fine craft and field of exquisite packaging hardware gift selling price has also increasingly vigorous. With what differ before be, although like temperature, pad lock stannum makes caddy, kettle, no oil YanGuo, bottle opener, daily hardware products traditional tools is still hardware industry products sell like hot cakes gifts, but as consumers to the continuous improvement of the product requirements, similar hardware tools such practical than appearance of the products, also be the businesses integrated packaging, become the current more popular gifts army wide.

      Yesterday, in an interview with the author understands, because hardware work more and more delicate and exquisite gift, packing more and more beautiful and fashionable, and the price is reasonable, has become the first choice gifts consumption nowadays. According to the sellers introduction, the Spring Festival will come, to prepare for the visits or business visit each other, to come and buy gift of a steady stream of customers, the store was besieged with business. In past years, hardware products are gift to give to our friends and relatives as is not common, but as people living standard rise and the increase of the added value gun lock of the products, hardware products into many fashion elements, realize the beautiful and practical coexist purpose. Consumer Lao li tells the author, on New Year's day in the field of relatives to back to yongkang visit him. In order to return the different with previous years, in his friend's advice, in hardware city field around once, hardware and gifts are varied, choose a large space, and practical stronger, the price is reasonable, therefore decided to return the hardware gifts as the first choice.

      Hardware other than private as special purchases gifts donative relatives and friends outside, still will be enterprises and units as welfare to employees. cable lock The workers hardware tools wholesale firm chief huang happy and says, the other day, a local unit for 500 sets of a gift box installed hardware tools, ready to end welfare as distributed to all employees.









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