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Hardware enterprise "for the winter" trilogy seek new ways to break through

      Hardware enterprise to smoothly through the "winter", from promoting the transformation of company, must be more information system support, to develop the loyalty program to seek three breakthrough.

      Along with the international and domestic economic climate change, since last year domestic labor and raw material costs continue to rise, pad lock the yuan rise unceasingly, makes our most labor-intensive industry is facing huge pressure of survival and development, hardware enterprise is the most important. If want to change this passive situation, the author thinks that, hardware enterprise from the following three aspects to break through.

      First, promote enterprise transformation.

      Hardware to the development of an enterprise, the need for upgrade. Specifically: one, to raise funds and improvement of production equipment and technology, backward equipment, technical transformation to speed up the transformation. Use of equipment to upgrade traditional technology, promote the development of innovative enterprise to drive track, realizes the transformation and upgrading of industry, in response to more and more diverse market demand; Two, hardware enterprise in the new situation, we must increase our sense of urgency, create their own brand, by the brand strategy to speed up the transformation. Will introduce advanced technology as the method, digestion, absorption as key to create their own brand of independent as purpose, and constantly improve production efficiency, increase the added value of the products, and realize the sustainable development of the enterprises. gun lock Hardware industry base should firmly according to "improve a number of existing brand, cultivate a group of potential reserves a batch of echelon brand, brand" the request, to go on to implement brand development strategy, improve the product technology content and added value, and to form a group of competitive high-end products; Three, actively establish research and development institutions, conditional hardware enterprise increase science and technology research and development input, in order to improve the speed up development; transformation Four, and the introduction of talents to speed up the transformation, vigorously introduce innovative, t& c, management and talented people enter multi-level hardware enterprises.

      Second, strengthen the system support.

      Information management of the enterprise survival, development is very meaningful. Hardware enterprise to better adapt to the requirements of market competition, we must adopt more convenient and advanced system to management and operation, through the information management to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and the management level. Look around the world today, informatization has become the impetus of the development of the global economy new leading power, and become an important means to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, through the informatization realize enterprise the upgrading of the industrial structure is the most effective.

      Guangdong gaoyao town as south China firmst prop household hardware production base, in recent years very seriously the enterprise's information management, hardware production is going in the standardization, information and automated direction. In the town of hardware makers are already firmst prop widely used in the management software, from spare parts supply, product sales and after-sales service, financial management direction are beginning to realize information, for the development of enterprises laid a good foundation.

      The third, and carry out the loyalty program.

      Any enterprise development and growth there is a cumulative process, only honest, trustworthy, enterprise brand to thorough popular feeling. cable lock Therefore, hardware enterprise should according to his own brand do loyalty program, let the customer once in a hardware requirement, not subject to price and other external factors, firm choose their own products.

      In order to let the loyalty program to a satisfactory results, the enterprise should do the following: one, to increase its brand publicity, let customers and consumers maximize the understanding, enhance the customer's desire to buy; Second, strengthen two-way communication with customers, to understand customers' needs, only produce the needs of customers products can realize the maximization of interests; Three, by understanding the needs of our customers later, pointed to design the products and services; Four, well after feedback and summarizes the work, maintain the enterprise prestige, keep more customers.

      The author believes that, the hardware enterprise as long as advance step by step above work, will be a satisfactory effect, smoothly through the "winter".










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