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Hardware "cabinet" race new powers, leading the industry development

      Along with the economic level of growth, ordinary families with the demand for safe rise. In developed countries, the family has safe (cabinet), the ratio of 90%, compared with less than 5% in China, two data gap is great, but behind doesn't mean not development, and the gap means the tremendous potential market. According to the relevant department is expected in the next five to 10 years, our family had the safe scale will be above 15%, according to the present price calculation, market capacity at least five times more growth, coupled with the government, the enterprise market, hotel market, more and more advanced financial markets, safe (cabinet) in recent 10 years is undoubtedly fastest developing speed in one of the hardware industry.

      When the financial storm searched the world, especially the European and American countries, in many industry in trouble, safe (cabinet) industry but get the chance seldom. For example, many American local commercial bank are frustrated, in crisis, household savers worry about the bank deposit in not guaranteed, pad lock and start to buy safe (cabinet), in the home for cash. More and more families in the United States and Europe to choose to lock into their property safe, domestic safe (cabinet) production enterprise then you can accept the trade orders waiting.

      In addition, the domestic residents safe awareness of the industry to improve and gave birth to the market demand. In most people's minds, and safe (cabinet) is put in the bank, jewelry store, the company financial room and other places, used to store large cash, bills, seal, check, jewelry and other precious items. And now, more and more families use it for some private valuables, safe boiling up quickly. Therefore, ningbo daxie development zone safe (cabinet) industry association performed a survey, the results showed that: in recent years, the safe range from the original market has the government and army, Banks and other departments expands gradually to the families and individuals, make household necessities of life, and into the business gifts market, "or condoned security" new concept as in shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other developed region forming quietly.

      In a market economy propelled environment, China safe (cabinet) industry into the development of the fast lane, and consumers to demand more and more safe (cabinet) to function diversified development, but safe (cabinet) brand sort is various, gun lock good and evil people mixed up, the good and bad are intermingled. Can use this situation, the achievement safe (cabinet) to the peak of the industry, become all the industry an important topic.

      The market demand of diversification, internationalization, innovation of science and technology more change and each large and middle scale hardware manufacturers to brand of positive prompted we need to set up the ownership of a professional exhibition industry, to promote the industry at home and abroad exchanges and cooperation, expand the enterprise reputation, to speed up the establishment of each brand. How to seize the opportunity? By several association jointly forging of China (guangzhou) international safe (cabinet) fair (hereinafter referred to as: guangzhou safe expo) in 2012, April 16 to 18 held in guangzhou, will provide a safe industry for a great opportunity. According to introducing, this exhibition with national policy trend and industry development trend, the purpose is to help enterprise caught industry development of the great business opportunity. Organizers said, to make it a "China safe the no.1", for the safe (cabinet) enterprise to build a professional display, a platform of exchanges and cooperation, promote the whole industry bigger and stronger, accelerate development.

      As China's first safe (cabinet) an industry event it represent a microcosm of the industry, and in a way even is a market. As one of the introduction, the exhibition propaganda squad is strong, fair at present already in more than 100 professional media on advertising, will further enhance propaganda. In order to increase the strength of the market development at home and abroad, but also in the domestic and foreign many security, furniture, home, hotel, etc and the media of publications on advertisements, and expand the exposition of the influence both at home and abroad, improving the social credibility and attention. cable lock At present, the guangzhou fair get safe ningbo daxie development area safe (cabinet) industry association, China association of guangdong province, the steel furniture dealers association, and other related units of support. Also attracted comes from South Korea, Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries safe brand enterprise to join.

      Guangzhou safe exposition based on guangzhou, its special geographical position and mature foreign trade system, for the domestic safe hardware enterprise to open the door of southeast Asia, and other countries provide the advantageous conditions, for the domestic enterprise towards the world safe founded the fair competition in the trade platform; As international professional buyers and manufacturers created the understanding and an excellent chance to enter the Chinese market. Guangzhou fair will be safe for the whole safe industry has brought shock of exhibition effect! Will can go again and again to develop a wide range of safe enterprise business opportunities, to bring a more generous returns.









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