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Pad lock

is one type of locks; its function is to satisfy tightening secuity requirements, providing resisitant to physical attacks.

gun lock

is a device which is intended to prevent a weapon from discharging.

Cable lock

allows you to protect your computer or laptop with an additional security options.
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Developed countries fade out daily hardware industry

      Due to production technology rapid development and the influence of labor is expensive, developed countries have accelerated, and low in product to the third world transfer, oneself only produce some high value-added products. DIY hardware product as a market to be bestowed favor on newly. In recent years, as rich countries in Europe and the architecture design of hardware products on easy installation and maintenance is given priority to, to assembly (doityourself) products and tool by the market. According to professional personage analysis, in the coming two years, domestic building kind of hardware products will go to intelligence, human development road. The Chinese hardware into the world

      In our domestic hardware market situation, pad lock our country's hardware tools market mainly distributed in zhejiang, jiangsu, Shanghai, guangdong and shandong province and other areas, including the most prominent zhejiang and guangdong.

      Zhejiang: the zhejiang yongkang have been known as the "hardware" land, and zhejiang people's consciousness of a very strong market operation, initially hot pot products, stainless steel temperature to rage last year the scooter, bring them to the pure gold.

      Guangdong: will become the world's mold production center. At present, in shenzhen and the pearl river delta region gathered around the home to more than 6000 mould enterprise, employees more than 100000 people. In shenzhen has been held at five south China international exhibition of mould, attracting 25 countries and regions more than 1000 enterprises to attend, China today is the most professional and international level of mould industry exhibition.

      China Daily hardware industry is gradually entered the world. China has established a zipper, electricity shaving implement, stainless steel, iron pot for vessels, the blade, bicycle locks 14 technology development center, and pressure cooker, electric shaving implement, lighter and 16 product center. The center has most development as an industry to the outside world, some already became the world points, and achieved good economic benefit. China has gradually become a world metal processing power and export power. China has become one of the world hardware production country, has broad market and consumption potential. gun lock According to international mould and hardware and plastic industry, director of the institute of ROM the fai supplier is introduced, and now the Chinese hardware industry at least 70% for private enterprises in China, the main force of hardware industry development. International hardware market: the developed western countries due to production technology rapid development and labor prices, will turn the universality of products by developing countries production, only produce high value-added products, and China and has a strong market potential, so more favorable development as the hardware processing export power, but our country hardware tools to track international level, still remain long time of improvement and effort.

      Furniture hardware enterprise transformation high-end increase the competitive power

      With China's industrial technology development progress, furniture produced by the previous manual mill, development up to now the mechanization of batch production. Hardware accessories to commonality, replacement, functional, decorative had higher demand. The diversity of the base material, structural reform and the increase of the use function, furniture hardware on furniture role is no longer just decoration and part of the activities of components connect, its function sex is more and more strong, sectors also more and more widely. Professional personage says, to furniture manufacturing enterprise that, by the "common goods" to "customization commodity" transition, more close to the customer, create a value-added products and services, need to improve production enterprise efficiency and reduce the cost, improve the quality of products, enhance the competitiveness of domestic and international market.

      In furniture hardware industry, many furniture hardware manufacturers and terminal customer contact between lack, too much is to get customers rely on retailers needs and expectations information. Professionals that furniture hardware manufacturing must learn how to close to the terminal customers, how to provide them with the product, and ensure that their profits, it will need to have better marketing ability, better sales network, lean production and flexible manufacturing capacity, real-time supply chain operation capacity, supply chain management, innovative thinking and leadership, to better employee education and training new business model.

      From manufacturing ways, factory automation cable lock must as far as possible, in order to maximize the efficiency in production, improve labor productivity.

      Therefore, may adopt the new technology and the "lean manufacturing" (leanmanufacturing) to reduce cost; At the same time, to the education and training in workers, the development of new products and research investment, which can cultivate workers with special skill, create a senior product, sell a good price. If we continue to produce ordinary commodity type products, and provide a low level of service, so we will constantly losing market, surrendering more abundant and cheap labor force in the region.

      According to mike potter in the competition of "the definition," cluster is geographically close to each other, a group of associated company, in particular areas have synergy community, through the common interests and complementary contact together ", through the supply chain development strategic partners, each link of the whole supply chain coordination work, make the most of the integration of resources to get effective use.







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