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Steel "survival of the fittest"

      Currently, China's steel industry has entered the transformation of the way that the key stages, are faced with both structure adjustment, the development of the transformation and upgrade and opportunities facing high prices for resources, demand growth slowed and daunting challenges, and the future is worth to pay close attention to. The steel industry is the scale benefits significant industry, have good conditions for the development scale, if the size of degree, supply, originally from considerable profits into small profit to The Times. 1025 economic structure adjustment is one of the important strategic development put forward strategic emerging industry task. Dry spoil the scale of China's steel, can adapt to the needs of the steel industry upgrade? Steel enterprise in cognition and the ability to do well on what ready?

      At present the steel industry faced's main problem is that, to upgrade the quality of varieties, the layout and adjustment is slow, energy, the environment, the raw material constraints enhancement, the independent innovation capability is not strong. pad lock"Planning" proposes, 'at the end of the 1025' steel industrial structure adjustment has made outstanding progress, the basic form of reasonable productivity layout, the resources, ensure degree significantly raise. According to the China iron spot nets data statistics, since this year, China's steel industry to a fast growth, 1 ~ 9 month cumulative production crude steel 525.735 million tons, 1.9258 million tons of crude steel average nissan, if the fourth quarter continue to keep this level, the whole year crude steel production will may reach 700 million tons. In 'low carbon' under pressure, with steel standards will improve, "reduction" steel will become a trend.

      Analysts believe in resources, environmental pressure is more and more big tomorrow, our country cannot continue such steel consumption mode. The planning of the points out, speed up product upgrades, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and strengthen the technology innovation, backward production capacity, optimization of industrial layout, etc, is listed as urgently needs to focus on research work. Building, automobiles, home appliances, container, engineering machinery and other steel industry has proposed '1025' economical use of high strength steel, corrosion resistance, recycling of steel reduction requirement, bound to affect the number of steel increased.

      From the current development look, m&a mode gun lock in the '1025' period have larger space still implementation. With China's traditional industries transformation and upgrading of pace, and strategic new industry fast development, the demand for high-end steel in widening. The steel industry must adapt to downstream industry development needs, should strengthen the industry chain extension and downstream industry and docking, realize industrial interaction, and common development.

      In the automobile industry, along with the energy conservation and emission reduction and safety performance requirement enhances unceasingly, the high strength steel demand is more and more big. Energy saving, high-grade car improve proportion, also make high strength steel demand growth of the car. In the machinery industry, high-grade numerical control machine production growth obviously faster than ordinary machine tools. As to the large-scale mechanical products, high-end, modernization development of steel of performance requirements also more and more high, to high quality special steel, generous board, steel tube and dosage has increased the trend. Household electrical appliance industry, as home appliances of the transformation and upgrade, the high performance product constantly emerging, used to improve the performance requirements of steel. In the shipbuilding industry, with China's shipbuilding class ascension, and ship to reduce weight, with steel quality of shipbuilding demand more and more. In addition, coal machinery need higher strength level of steel; Transmission tower need higher strength level of steel material, etc.

      Some listed steel demand that transformation cable lock and upgrading of steel industry will breed quality put forward higher requirement. The steel industry has entered the accelerate transformation of the way that the key stage, need the solid structure. '1025 during' to accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development as the main line, strategic adjustment of the economic structure for the main attack direction, turn to the way the structure, to a certain extent inhibition of the excessive growth of demand for steel, steel demand won't have a future growth space.

      It is reported, the recent work and live JianBu letter department has cooperation, combined with the national urban and rural infrastructure construction important engineering and supportability, engineering and key water conservancy project how construction project, in jiangsu, hebei, yunnan, application of high strength steel rebar pilot job, in large and medium-sized cities throughout the country after the comprehensive promotion use 400 million mpa, 500 million mpa high strength steel rebar and improve the construction steel upgrading and reduction applications.





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