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is one type of locks; its function is to satisfy tightening secuity requirements, providing resisitant to physical attacks.

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is a device which is intended to prevent a weapon from discharging.

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allows you to protect your computer or laptop with an additional security options.
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Project construction vigorously promote tremendous development

     December 15,, vice secretary of municipal party committee FengJing further DeAnXian xingzi county, research situation of economic and social development. FengJing stressed that the various localities should conscientiously implement the city the first ten times spirit of congress, according to the municipal government in the decision-making deployment, heart of gather force, do solid work, increase each work strength, speed up the construction of the project, to realize the economic society develop quickly.

     Project construction is the focus of the investigation pad lock FengJing. Into the park, examine the truth; To the construction site and the look at the site; Into the shop, and asked. Everywhere, FengJing have carefully of understanding of the project. In DeAnXian, FengJing has come to use textile, DE xin textile, wonderful and industry, have cool's hardware, 500000 combed, a room YuanMing bridge, hardware, administrative service center, new 2, a small, new kindergarten, and new pagoda MeiQiao village and township, detailed understanding of project construction and the party construction work carrying case. This year ? 1 November, DeAnXian finish over the scale of the industrial sector was 2.81 billion yuan, up 32.8%; Complete all the social investment in the fixed assets 4.04 billion yuan, up 36.9%; Fiscal revenue of RMB 597 million yuan, an increase of 37.7%. FengJing to DeAnXian work give full affirmation. She said, DeAnXian project, pace, each work presents great courage and daring. Hope DeAnXian continue to adhere to the strong work xing-cheng development strategy, bend force GongQing-DeAn caught at the strategic key development, advancing the new type industrialization and urbanization, the new, insist on major projects in order to promote the construction of high-quality curriculums, and constantly do big industry economic scale and enhance industrial comprehensive strength, realize the year of change has a bigger, faster and better development.

     In xingzi county, FengJing has come to white deer town gun lock stone association, changhong port west avenue, west lake district, industrial park, white deer town might study visits the village. This year ? 1 November, xingzi county complete financial revenue of RMB 470 million yuan; The total number of tourists received 7.0911 million person-time, realize the traveling comprehensive income is 2.223 billion yuan and the growth rate are over 40%. At the same time, the county to the development of ecological and environmental protection, low carbon industry, 1 ? October the county-wide large-scale industry, the main business income, added value, profit tax year-on-year growth of 72.73%, respectively, 20.7%, 124.5%. FengJing xingzi county to work give full affirmation. She said, xingzi county development of clear thinking, solid work style, the operation skills. In the construction of fushun tourism at the same time, the industrial economy steadily, and the party's construction has obvious. Hope the lead and outstanding xingzi county planning leading role, infrastructure construction, around "ChiZhuHang swim purchase entertainment" tourist six elements redouble efforts, to correctly handle the tourism resource protection and development, the relation between the efforts to achieve from traveling scenic area to travel across the city.

     FengJing also to the two counties non-public party, cable lock village (community) "two committees" shift work put forward the requirements.



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