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Pad lock

is one type of locks; its function is to satisfy tightening secuity requirements, providing resisitant to physical attacks.

gun lock

is a device which is intended to prevent a weapon from discharging.

Cable lock

allows you to protect your computer or laptop with an additional security options.
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    Developing    Lock born almost simultaneously with private ownership.   As ear...
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    A gun lock is a device which is intended to prevent a weapon from discharging. There are se...
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Developing of lock


 Lock born almost simultaneously with private ownership.  As early as 3000 BC in China Yangshao ruins for retention are mounted on wood frame construction on the wooden locks. Eastern Han Dynasty , the Chinese iron three tumbler lock technology already has a very high level. Three tumbler lock followed before and after 1000 years.

Early 18th century by the British people D. Potter invented the cam rotor lock.  The key number 20 by three spring lock a variety of development to 80 kinds.  Mid-19th century, European manufacturers in the rotor cam lock and three tumbler lock and converted into a slide on the basis of rotor lock, the key number up to 1600 species.
In 1848, the Americans invented the use of cylindrical pin L. Yale bolt tumbler lock , the lock has become the world's most widely used lock. The structure of modern tumbler lock new development there, there two-way, three-, four-way marble structure, as well as flat, two-sided, multi-faceted, double sided, multi-slice multi-faceted structure and composition of marbles marble structure, thus greatly improving the lock security performance, so that the number of the original lock and some 2500 kinds through "to", "face" of change to reach millions of species.

1970s, with the microelectronic technology, the emergence of magnetic locks, voice-activated locks, lock ultrasound, infrared locks, electromagnetic locks, electronic card lock, fingerprint lock Babai, eye lock, remote lock.  These locks can not be compared with the mechanical structure of the high security performance.  Modern lock also in a particular system, by setting the logical relations between the process control system.  Material lock according to the modern, purpose, with or without keys, security and structure classification.




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