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Pad lock

is one type of locks; its function is to satisfy tightening secuity requirements, providing resisitant to physical attacks.

gun lock

is a device which is intended to prevent a weapon from discharging.

Cable lock

allows you to protect your computer or laptop with an additional security options.
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'Hands-On History' at Eastern State Penitentiary

The gate, which was built in 1924 for increased security, is constructed similar to a door on a bank vault.

Visitors can take the key, put it into the pad lock and turn. This will unlock the padlock, but there’s still a lot of physical labor that needs to be done to open the gate.

Deeper into the prison, guests can visit the underground “Klondike” punishment cells, operate the antique vents in the greenhouse and open an actual jail cell.

Down the corridor marked Cellblock 8, just off the rotunda, is a locked cell just waiting to be opened.

Once again, a visitor is handed a key and asked to unlock the sturdy gun lock that keeps the cell shut. However, once the cable lock is free of the cell door, opening that door is not very easy. Levers, inserts and the sheer weight of the door makes opening a cell at Eastern State a difficult process.

After opening cell doors, the “Hands-On History” tour continues to an area with a very different atmosphere.

The Synagogue is believed to be the first one built in any American prison.

In 2000, an extensive restoration team went to work on the dilapidated room and recently revealed the beautiful space as the first, fully restored area of the penitentiary.

“The synagogue was in a profound state of disrepair,” said Andrew Fearon, team leader. “It was actually raining inside the room.”

Due to water damage, the ceiling and most of the walls had imploded, taking all traces of construction and detail with them.


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