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Pad lock

is one type of locks; its function is to satisfy tightening secuity requirements, providing resisitant to physical attacks.

gun lock

is a device which is intended to prevent a weapon from discharging.

Cable lock

allows you to protect your computer or laptop with an additional security options.
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Accidental toddler shooting in Knightsville reminds parents to lock up guns

E.J. chance is thinking about buying a safe to store some of his guns.

“It's a tool that protects me and my family and I don't want that tool to be used in the wrong way,” says Chance.

 When chance heard the news Friday that a 3 year-old girl in Knightsville accidentally killed herself with an unattended pistol, it impacted him more than most. 

He also lives in Knightsville and has a daughter about to turn 3.

“At no point can my daughter get to any of my guns, and I take extreme precautions to do that,” says Chance.

Federal law requires that when you buy a handgun it must be accompanied by a lock. 

 Arlyn Pendergast, president of ATP Gun Shop in Summerville says there are common mistakes people make when trying to secure their weapons.

“The biggest one is using the wrong lock for the gun, so that it could be either shifted or manipulated to allow the gun still to work,” says Pendergast.

Trigger blocks are the most known option for rifles or shot guns, but for hand guns, Pendergast recommends a cable lock.

“You cannot close the cylinder, you cannot put anything in the barrel so that the gun cannot be fired,” he explains.

 Pendergast says most children would not be strong enough to somehow cut the cable, and the lock requires a key.

If you're worried that a gun lock would slow you down in case of an emergency, experts recommend a touch pad lock box.

The touch safe has finger grooves so you can find it in the dark, and with up to six taps in a sequence to open the box, there are seeming endless combinations to keep children guessing.

“You can't be lax, cause guns are unforgiving, you know once they discharge, there is no recalling them,” says Pendergast.

 It was a grim reminder of the danger of an unsecured gun with the accidental death in Knightsville Friday.

That’s something gun-owner and parent E.J. chance hopes to never experience himself.

“I take extreme precautions, so that beautiful little girl could never get her hands on it loaded,” says Chance.

If own a gun and don't currently have a lock, many police departments offer free locks and the cost to buy one starts at about $8.





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